Sevens Report Quarterly Letter

Better Communication.  Stronger Client Relationships.  

More Time for Your Business and Family.  

How bad has the market been in the first half of 2022?

It’s been one of the worst starts to a year on record!

The S&P 500 has only lost more than 15% through the first six months of the year five times since 1932. Barring a major rally over the next few days, 2022 will become the sixth time!

And, the fact that stocks are down shouldn’t surprise us. After all, this market and the economy are facing significant headwinds:

  • The highest inflation rate since 1982 (above 8% per year).

  • The most aggressive rate hikes since the early 1990s (1.5% of tightening so far with more to come)

  • The highest geopolitical tensions in decades (between Russia and the West)

  • Growing concerns about an imminent recession

  • Worries about a corporate earnings recession

And, as we start the second quarter, none of these issues are close to being resolved, so at a minimum, we should prepare for more volatility.  

Between the increase in market volatility and the seemingly relentless negative headlines, I’ve noticed an increase in the number of acquaintances and friends who are asking if they should just go to cash.  

But, we know from market history that abandoning a long-term financial plan, even amidst intense market volatility, has always been the wrong move over the longer term, so one of the advisors’ biggest challenges in this market is to make sure clients don’t abandon their long term plan and pull money out of the market.

One of the best ways investors can keep clients focused on their longer-term goals is through effective communication that demonstrates to the client that his or her advisor understands the risks and opportunities in the markets and remains focused on the longer-term goals!  

One of the most effective ways advisors can do that is through a quarterly letter.  

But writing a quarterly letter is both time-consuming and difficult. That’s why many advisors don’t seize this opportunity to effectively communicate with their clients and show that they are on top of markets and monitoring risks to portfolios. A quarterly letter is one of the best ways an advisor can remind clients of the benefits of sticking to a well-designed financial plan – because in 2020 those plans withstood the worst pandemic in 100 years, and those plans will almost certainly withstand a hawkish Fed, high inflation, and geopolitical stress.  

In 2018, I launched a new product designed to help advisors more efficiently and effectively produce a high-quality, value-add quarterly letter for clients.

It’s called the Sevens Report Quarterly letter, and based on customer feedback, 2020 made that product more valuable than ever, because while markets have recovered there’s still a lot of uncertainty ahead and clients want to know their advisor is in control of their portfolios.

An RIA subscriber sent us this when we released the Q1 2020 Quarterly Letter:

“I wanted to thank you both for the letter that was made available this week. I’ve seen really good response from clients. I know you all are very busy, so thank you and Tom for taking the time to provide us something extra.”

Bottom line, numerous studies have shown that consistent client communication leads to better relationships, more referrals and better client retention, but a generic, non-specific letter from a broker’s CIO isn’t going to cut it. 

Especially in this environment, we know that writing a quarterly letter that leaves clients impressed and feeling good about the advisor/client relationships is difficult! 

On average, the advisors we spoke to said they spent between six and 10 hours researching, writing, editing and proofing their quarterly letters. If you’re as busy as most of the advisors I know, that’s way too much time and stress to devote to a quarterly letter.

That’s why we write a complete and finished quarterly letter for our advisor subscribers.

On the first business day of every quarter (the upcoming quarterly letter will be sent on Friday, July 1st) we email current quarterly letter subscribers:

  1. A complete, edited and finished client letter, delivered in a word document so it can easily be edited.

  2. Instructions on how we think you should submit the letter to increase compliance approval.

  3. A comprehensive back-up sheet to send to compliance along with your letter that cites any statements and verifies all return data.

We know getting the letter through compliance can seem like a daunting challenge, but the overwhelming majority of our quarterly letter subscribers have their letters approved by compliance.

And, to provide you extra peace of mind, we offer a full refund if compliance rejects the letter for any reason!

We write a quarterly letter in the voice of an advisor, directed towards clients (and prospects), that our subscribers can edit (if they choose to) and send along as their own.