Sevens Report Quarterly Letter

Better Communication.  Stronger Client Relationships.  

More Time for Your Business and Family.  

All the scary headlines about banks runs, financial crisis 2.0 and a possible looming recession is making it harder for clients to avoid the urge to “get out” of markets and abandon their long-term financial plan.   

That’s what I gathered from advisors I’ve spoken to over the past several weeks, as the eruption of the regional banking crisis following the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank has rattled investors even more than before, with some pulling their money from the markets and their banks, and putting it into their mattresses!  

To a point, I get it. The list of headwinds on stocks is long and growing:  

  1. High interest rates
  2. Still high inflation
  3. Possible recession
  4. Earnings declines and now,
  5. Worst banking crisis since 2008!

Yet, despite all these risks and headwinds, the S&P 500 was resilient in the first quarter and since the lows in October the market performance has been much better than the scary headlines would imply!  

Keeping clients focused on that positive market reality and demonstrating to them you, their advisor, understand the risks for their money and can navigate this market successfully is critical to 1) Keeping clients on their long term financial plans and 2) Avoiding panic decisions like going to cash that can jeopardize long term goals!  

One of the best ways advisors can show clients that they do understand the risks to their assets and can navigate this market environment is with a focused, non-generic high-quality quarterly letter.  

That’s why, in 2018, I created the Sevens Report Quarterly Letter – so that all advisors could easily, efficiently, and effectively communicate with their clients.    

And, I think that is especially true given the scary headlines about bank runs, financial crisis, and recession circulating in the financial and mainstream media right now! Our Q1 2023 Sevens Report Quarterly Letter will explain what’s happening with the banks, put the risks facing investors in the proper perspective, and emphasize that markets remain resilient!  

I know writing a quarterly letter is both time-consuming and difficult. That’s why many advisors don’t seize this opportunity to effectively communicate with their clients and show that they are on top of markets and monitoring risks to portfolios. A quarterly letter is one of the best ways an advisor can remind clients of the benefits of sticking to a well-designed financial plan – because those plans have weathered financial crisis, bear markets, and pandemics, and they will weather this most recent market turmoil!  

Numerous studies have shown that consistent client communication leads to better relationships, more referrals, and better client retention, but a generic, non-specific letter from a broker’s CIO isn’t going to cut it.

Especially in this environment, we know that writing a quarterly letter that leaves clients impressed and feeling good about the advisor/client relationships is difficult! 

On average, the advisors we spoke to said they spent between six and 10 hours researching, writing, editing and proofing their quarterly letters. If you’re as busy as most of the advisors I know, that’s way too much time and stress to devote to a quarterly letter.

That’s why we write a complete and finished quarterly letter for our advisor subscribers.

On the first business day of every quarter (the upcoming quarterly letter will be sent on Monday, April 3rd) we email current quarterly letter subscribers:

  1. A complete, edited and finished client letter, delivered in a word document so it can easily be edited.

  2. Instructions on how we think you should submit the letter to increase compliance approval.

  3. A comprehensive back-up sheet to send to compliance along with your letter that cites any statements and verifies all return data.

We know getting the letter through compliance can seem like a daunting challenge, but the overwhelming majority of our quarterly letter subscribers have their letters approved by compliance.

And, to provide you extra peace of mind, we offer a full refund if compliance rejects the letter for any reason!

We write a quarterly letter in the voice of an advisor, directed towards clients (and prospects), that our subscribers can edit (if they choose to) and send along as their own.

That means you can:

  1. Use it “as is.” Meaning put it on your letterhead, get the approval, sign it, and ship it right out the door.

  2. Edit it as you see fit, using the content in conjunction with your own takes.

  3. Send it to anyone you like: clients, prospects, family and friends.

And, since we send you the content, it can be approved by compliance because it is coming from YOU.

On Monday, April 3rd we will be sending our Sevens Report Quarterly Letter for Q1 2023 to our paid subscribers so they can have their letter sent (or ready to be sent) within the first few trading days of the new quarter.

Sevens Report Quarterly Letter template will contain:

  • A macro “look back” at the most-recent quarter that will explain what factors drove the markets.

  • Important performance data for major asset classes and various indexes.

  • A look ahead in the coming quarter including general analysis of risks and opportunities (but, no predictions).

  • And, like the Sevens Report, it’ll be well-written, simplified, and brief.