Bear vs Bull

Market Multiple Levels: S&P 500 Chart

What’s in Today’s Report: Market multiple levels: S&P 500 chart, Takeaways from a dismal Empire State Manufacturing report, and more…

Three Reasons the Fed Won’t Taper QE in December (Despite Today’s Jobs Report)

This morning’s jobs report was certainly a positive surprise, but despite the fact that the bond market is getting hit hard, I’m not entirely sure that this report pulls forward any Fed tapering from the current March expectations.

The Economy: A Look Back and What’s Ahead

The most important thing that happened last week economically was that expectations for Fed tapering of QE were pulled forward a bit—from the previous “consensus” of mid-2014 to the early part of 2014— thanks mainly to an FOMC statement that wasn’t as “dovish” as expected plus a Jon Hilsenrath sentence that stated a December taper remains “on the table.” Interestingly, this change in expectation came despite decidedly mixed economic data.

The Economy: A Look Back and What’s Ahead

With the drama in Washington successfully postponed, focus last week turned to the question of “How much damage has the shutdown and drama done to the economy?”

Is Crude Oil Forecasting an Economic Slowdown?