Tom Essaye Quoted in NBC10Philadelphia on November 10, 2020

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This Is the Leading Indicator for All Markets

SXPP: This index remains the leading indicator for all markets, as it is one of the best real time indicators of global economic growth.

Indices to Watch Today – Part II

Theories on the commodity meltdown and what to watch for going forward.

Transports and Russell 2000 — Indices to Watch Today

Transports and Russell 2000 made lower lows yest – they are the indices to watch today.

Commodities in Freefall and What it Means

An outlook on the commodities decline and what to expect going forward.

A look at the Most Obvious Trend in the Bond Market

A look at the bond markets and trends to play.

What to Watch in Economics for the Week Ahead

Important factors to consider in economics for the week ahead…