Was the Fed Decision Negative for the Market?

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Transports and Russell 2000 — Indices to Watch Today

Transports and Russell 2000 made lower lows yest – they are the indices to watch today.

Commodities in Freefall and What it Means

An outlook on the commodities decline and what to expect going forward.

A look at the Most Obvious Trend in the Bond Market

A look at the bond markets and trends to play.

What to Watch in Economics for the Week Ahead

Important factors to consider in economics for the week ahead…

Central Bank Decisions

The bar was set pretty high for the BOJ coming into yesterday’s meeting. Investors were expecting a lot of additional monetary easing, but seeing as the yen had already declined significantly, most assumed that the “dovish” results of the meeting were priced in. They were wrong.

Don’t Forget About the DOW

Interestingly, the Dow was a big outperformer on the day (up .76%), and usually when that happens there is one stock that is up several percentage points that skews the average.  Interestingly, that was not the case on Monday, as the strength in the Dow was evenly spread across many of the index components (TRV, […]