About The Sevens Report

The Sevens Report was created by Tom Essaye to combat the information overload financial professionals and self-directed investors face daily, and provide one document that offers comprehensive coverage of all asset classes, yet is succinct and easy to read.

The Report is modeled after morning trading notes that are a staple of virtually every institutional trading desk in the world. Like these morning notes, The Sevens Report provides analysis only on what matters to the market – the idea is to be as comprehensive and concise as possible.

After spending time on both the institutional and retail sides of the financial industry, Mr. Essaye recognized that the marketplace was in need of a concise, affordable daily publication that, like a professional trader’s morning note, covers only what’s important in the markets, what it means, and most importantly provides actionable insight. It was from this realization, and many months of research and planning, that The Sevens Report was born.

About Thomas Essaye

Thomas Essaye is a professional trader with more than 10 years experience trading foreign and domestic equities, commodities, currencies and bonds.

He began his career as a trader on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange for Merrill Lynch’s Institutional Equity Trading division, where he regularly traded multi-million dollar orders from clients that were some of the largest mutual and hedge funds in the world.

In early 2005, Tom Essaye recognized, through his own fundamental analysis and research, a unique investment opportunity developing in the natural resource sector and commodities markets. He left the floor of the NYSE to join an associate starting a fledgling global macro hedge fund focused on investing in commodities and natural resource equities. Mr. Essaye was responsible for all trading in the fund and for conducting fundamental research in the commodities and natural resource markets.

The fund made investments in precious metals, agricultural commodities, energy, and natural resource related equities – placing initial long positions in gold below $500/oz, silver below $7.00/oz, corn below $2.00/bushel and buying shares in then little followed equities such as Silver Wheaton, Newmont Mining, Cameco and EOG Resources. The fund also invested in Canadian and Australian mining and energy companies, and at one point foreign equities comprised nearly half of the fund’s portfolio.

In mid-2007, while managing the energy sector portion of the fund, Mr. Essaye was one of the first analysts to realize the potential of shale natural gas, and invested heavily in shale gas producers and energy service companies that specialized in shale drilling.

While interacting with both institutional and retail investors during his time at the fund, Mr. Essaye first began to recognize the large discrepancy between the quality of information available to professional traders versus the that available to non-professional traders. The Sevens Report is the result of his desire to show the investing public how professional traders analyze and interpret the markets each day, and to demonstrate how, by trading a real money portfolio, that analysis translates to trade ideas and, ultimately, profitable investments.

Additional Services Offered

In addition to producing The Sevens Report, Mr. Essaye performs a wide range of consulting services across the financial services industry:

Investment Committee & Advisory Boards: Mr. Essaye has served as an independent member of multiple advisory boards for various academic and professional institutions, providing commentary and analysis on the economy and markets. He has also served as an independent member of investment committees, providing asset allocation analysis as well as market commentary and economic analysis.

Financial Publisher Consultation: Mr. Essaye has consulted with some of the largest financial publishers in the country and helped them identify market trends and design publications and services for their subscribers.

Public Speaking: A frequent guest on financial networks such as CNBC, Fox Business and Bloomberg, as well as being a contributor to websites such as Marketwatch.com, Mr. Essaye has presented his views on the markets and the economy at industry conferences and in academic settings.